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Company Profile


Your website is the first line of Public Relations in an online world. Every business hand shake is preceded by a complete scrutiny of your website. SunnyZ World scrutinizes your business objectives from a customer’s angle before proceeding to the designing table.

Our design team portrays the most interactive and business worthy image of your business. We understand that communication and conversation is the key to a website’s success – which means incorporating the most effective web 2.0 and social networking concepts. The result is a website which is highly business oriented, functionally flawless and with the most apt Call to Action buttons for instant decision making – both for the potential customers and partners.

We invest in our research and skills so that it boost your business growth!

SunnyZ World Of Computers started its journey on 29th July 2000 at Gandhinagar, a sub-hub of Kolhapur. In all these years SunnyZ World has revolutionized Computer Industry at Kolhapur. Apart from being pioneer in bringing latest in IT and ITes to Kolhapur, we have also brought about a change in the Computer awareness of the city. We have further grown organically in nearby markets like Konkan & Goa. Recently we have started a branch office in Pune as well.

Area of Expertise

We are into Computer Industry since 2000. In this business period we have mastered quite a few areas which include Website Designing, Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimisation, Online Marketing etc. Being pioneers in our field we have always tried to use the latest of technology and thus have succeeded to get an exact know how of the same. The work experience has taught us about the industry norms, the customer requirements, the desired quality of work & lots more. In our business we tend to use all that we have learnt & that is what makes us Experts at what we do.

Director of Crazy Ideas That Just Might Work

Director SunnyZ WorldPremanshu revels in the creative process. Building from the foundations of art, math, and logic, he produces elegant, inspiring interfaces. Exploring uncharted waters in the medium, he innovates to find new ways to design for the web. His roles have shifted to encompass all points of the process at one time or another, but always with a heavy emphasis on the artistic designs & organizational standards. He doesn’t subscribe to any particular style, but one that is constantly evolving. He  started designing from a young age with basic graphic & product design. Most of his design skills and knowledge are self taught.

He is always curious, asking, questioning, constantly trying make it better, passionate about day dreaming, loves exploring, likes saying it without saying it, nerds out to typography, always inspired by all forms of design and is happiest when he is making things….

Web Development TeamThe Team

The team comprises of Designers of all  levels of expertise, creativity and hard work. Most of the people just follow the Crazy ideas of the director, while some sneak in their thoughts and visions in the work. The programmers often out do the designers when it comes to beauty in application. As we are a growing enterprise the team is on expansion and we will soon have all types of people and posts filling in… in case you wish to join us or know someone who can be part of our team do Contact us.