Pakumania – Ecommerce Portal


An eCommerce website – for the love of food. Pakumania came to us a few months after their formation. The group of entrepreneurs behind the idea were looking for a good website and we came into picture.

pakumaina-featuredThe website has a very unique idea at its core. The founders aim to provide authentic food from its respective source of origin available to people all over India. Thus the location of shipping is multiple. This was a big feature as it involves multiple permutations and combination of shipping charges, quantity discounts, categorical rates and such. All this is taken care of seamlessly for the user convenience. Special features such as discount coupons, featured products etc are also integrated with the website. The back end panel provides user-friendly and non technical interface for the admins to manage and run the site. All the orders are tracked from the back-end along with users, products, pricing, categories, discounts etc.

The primary target audience for the portal is people who are living outside of their native place. This mostly includes young working professionals and students. Keeping this in mind the look and feel of the website projects a young tangy feel wishlist maintaining the seriousness of an business. The fonts, images and arrangement of the contents is done with a taste of funkyness, while the color combination and product layout is selected to emphasize maturity and seriousness.

The site has gone live recently and we along with the founders have received lots of positive appreciation for the work.