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SunnyZ World Authorized Partners (SWAP)


SunnyZ World presents an opportunity for you to work and earn in a very rewarding field of IT Service. We are into Computer & IT Industry since 2000. All these years we have gained a tremendous insight of various Technological Advancements and the new avenues of business. This gives us an opportunity to break the traditional jinx of making money and adopt a new, efficient way of Living.

What does SunnyZ World Offer ?

We have specialisation in modern ITes which include Website Designing, Hosting Services, Search Engine Optimisation, Online Data Collection, Online Business Promotion, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing.

Join as partnerWhere can I join ?

As a SWAP you will be able to provide all the services provided by us in your area. Thus you can also specialise in the said ITes in your area. Further you can also come up with you own Innovative Ideas and we can provide the basic infrastructure required for your projects.

What are the Scopes in my Area ?

As you are aware the use of Internet & Mobile Phones is on High Rise in the recent times. Even in your area the number of Internet / Mobile Users will at least double in very short duration. This means that there is a tremendous long time scope in this business. The work and income will keep on increasing with time. And in coming times many people will enter this business, but since you would have spent a good time till then you will definitely get an edge over others.

How much can I Earn ?

Profit by joining SunnyZ World
IT industry has a lot to offer, what matters is how much take of it. A small to medium Business working in SOHO & Home Clients can easily achieve a Monthly Collection of 1,00,000/- to 1,50,000/- which would mean a very good Net Profit & a Steady ROI.

What are other Benefits of becoming a SWAP ?

Promotion Campaign by SunnyZ World

We will provide you with all the technical know how and training required for Marketing the services. Further we also take care of delivering the service after you procure the order. We follow a state-of-art system to achieve highest level of Customer Satisfaction, thus you will be able of offer your clients 100% confidence and service accuracy. We also intend to take on promotional activities related to these services. As a SWAP you will be a part of all over Advertisement Campaigns, Road Shows, Exhibitions, Meets etc. This will get you more business. We will provide you with the required POP material like Broachers, Banners, Handbills etc. for you area. There are many more benefits of becoming SWAP. A Detail of what we offer will be given to you upon Joining.

What are the requirements for becoming SWAP ?

The first and foremost requirement is a will to do something out of the box. You must be able to break the traditional & conventional way of thinking and start to think in a new innovative way. Other requirements include Office Space of about 150 – 200 Sq.ft. (preferably owned), a Computer with Internet Connection. Basic knowledge of using PC, Mobile, Internet etc. and an initial investment capacity of about Rs. 50,000/- to 1,00,000/-

Yes I want to become a SWAP, what next ?

As you express your willingness to be a SWAP you will have to fill up a joining form along with necessary documents. Upon the completion of the process you will be given the detail revenue structure, work schedule and the facilities you get as a SWAP. You can start working and earning as soon as you receive a SWAP certificate and the necessary User IDs / Passwords for operation.

To become  S.W.A.P. please contact us