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With the Boom in Real Estate Market, everyone is looking for a Home to Buy or an office to lease. Our website packs for Builders & Developers will connect you with the buyers and make sure they are impressed by your projects.

Builders & Developers create the Place


builders-developersWebsites and Internet have become a boon for the Real Estate Market today. Most people search and research about the property they want to buy online. Your website will provide the prospective buyer with an elaborate description of your Current Projects. This will help them understand what you are offering and decide on investing. A well designed website can reduce a lot of work for your Sales and Marketing team, as most of their work will be done by your website. A professional website will create a Good will in Market about your brand as well as your project. Adding location maps, expandable floor plans, 3d elevations, pictures and videos of the project, you will a complete online brochure.

Website Features


Information about the company, directors, financiers and key personnel.

Provide complete details such as area, location, features, specialties about ongoing projects.

Visitor can see and download the Floor Plans, Layout Plans & 3D elevations etc.

Show an updated availability of Flats. Bungalows, Offices etc in your current project.

Mark the Site Location on the Map and make  it easier for people to find you.

Give your guests a visual feel of your property through an interactive Photo gallery

Brief details about your Past Projects to enhance customer confidence in your work

Give the world an interactive preview of your upcoming projects and plans.

Provide Joint Venture / Investment Opportunity details for interested people.

Mobile and Tab friendly design to improve the site experience of your visitor.

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