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special websites for doctors and hospitals

Take the pressure off your reception staff, e-filing of patients records can make appointment taking easy. You can also provide distance diagnosis and treatment to minor health issues, establish yourself as a credible expert and help more patients… Interested ?

A Doctor needs a website for...


You are a busy doctor, your website lets you provide value-added services for your existing and new patients, by providing details as to the timings of the clinic and how to get to the clinic. It also allows you to answer routine patient’s queries by email. Patients are thirsty for information about their illness, and many will use the Net to find information. However, most patients would much rather get information from their own doctor , and if you provide this information on your website, your patients know they can trust it. Also in today’s life style it is not practical to wait in queue. Avoid the rush by managing appointments online.

The medicine cabinet


e-filing of patients records can make appointment taking easy as well as convenient for you and your patients.

Guide your patients to reliable sources of information about diseases & establish your credibility.

Highlight your speciality and facities available at your clinic/hospital for the patients.

Patients in India  & abroad do “research” about their doctors and your website will help them know about you!

Make it easier for people to find you using the interactive Map and Address options.

Provide information about Routine check-ups, vacinations, diets and such, helping your patients be in touch with you.

Connect with other doctors, peers, hospitals and specialists via your online profile.

Display all your Awards, recognitions and certifications online to enhance your reputation and brand value.

Mobile and Tab friendly design to improve the site experience of your visitor.

Get connected to the Social world and let your clients interact with you online.

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