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Getting Married ?

Share the details online.

Classic wedding websites for your special day.

Love makes us want to shout from the rooftops! Why not put it on a website?  Wedding website (also known as wedsite) is a special home page for everything about your marriage.  The beginnings of a relationship is the most exciting time. We join you in sharing it with your near and dear ones online.

What's special with your Wedding ?


goa-pune-theme-wedding-website-designerWeddings have essentially stayed the same since decades. What’s change now with advance of Internet is the ability to make a website for your wedding.  So whether you are getting married at marriage hall in Pune or planning a full fleged theme wedding at Goa, the best way to communicate about it is through a wedding website. A Website will provide all the details that you can’t cover in your wedding invitation. More than this, you get to share your story. Every couple has those special moments, those sweet memories. You will get platform to express and relive them and express your Love for each other through the design, pictures and words on the website. A marriage website will not just spread news about your wedding, but about your undying love for your significant other.

Love Bits


Send an e-invite via internet This helps your guests to easily remeber and save the date of your wedding.

Show your feelings, your preparations, your expectations from the marriage via interactive Photo Gallery.

Track RSVPs online. This will help you manage the Guest List easily and effectively.

We proivide custom designs for your website to suit you Wedding Theme or even your wedding invitation.

Send Automated reminder e-mails and schedules to your guests via your website.

Provide travel information, stay arrangemets, venue location and other related details to your guests.

A website is the best platform to express the Love, the bonding you two share and what you feel about each other.

Build the excitment by showcasing the plans of ceremony, events, parties and the fun activities at marriage.

No wedding is complete without blessings from family and wishes from friends. With a website you can get them online.

Introduce the Marriage Party and Key people attending the ceremony for everyone beforehand.

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